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Updated May 29th, 2023, from my home in Tokyo. I live in Japan because it’s a great place for a (simple) life.

Eight Values

My main focus is on building Eight Values and trying to make a change in my small tech community in Japan. We’re a mix of video podcasting and tech recruiting for English-speaking software engineers. Building it my way.


Competing in local tournaments and practicing a few times a week. I’m new to tennis (picked up a racket for the first time 4 years ago). I’m learning a lot from competition. I keep a running log of tennis ideas and lessons. I find that tennis is a great place for life lessons. A context of use, if you will.

Models of my life

For every activity, you should use your heroes. Heroes are a symbol of values. They allow you to understand values within a lived experience. The life story provides the context that makes the values something attainable, even for you. Especially living heroes. You realize they’re people too! Approachable! Attainable! I keep a running list of people I think about daily: heroes now. New addition: Derek Sivers, the Stoic Entrepreneur, a hero for the internet age. I am inhabiting some his ideas for a while to combine them with past models.